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Why Join Douglas?

Joining a church is a big decision. We all have questions like, "Am I a good fit for them? Will I be asked to join a committee or group? What is expected? What will they ask of me?"

All these questions are valid, and you should know that yes, we will ask you to join us in every way possible. However, we ask the same sort of questions, "Will they walk with us as we strive to follow Christ's teachings? Will we live up to their expectations?"

Just know this... We will walk with you, support your spiritual needs to the best of our ability, and help you discern God's gift for you. 

What Does it take to join?

Joining a church is a discernment process for you and the church. If you have been visiting us, then you know we consider you family already. We would love for you to join, but we still need to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance. This is why we have new member classes for those who wish to join us officially.  

Our new member classes consist of church history, both denominational and local. We want you also to share your story. We want to know you just as much as we want you to know us. Then, we present you to the congregation, and we promise to walk with you during this spiritual journey as the Body of Christ. 

What is a committee?

Committee work is how Presbyterians make decisions. We believe in the democratic process. Hence, we raise up representatives to make decisions for the church. Committee work is rewarding because you will develop relationships that are closer and deeper than can happen during an hour of worship. 

Why a small church?

Even though we do not have programs like the mega-churches, we believe that a small church is just as, if not more, engaging. Our kids and grandkids have wonderful education and play opportunities. Our Choir is engaged with everyone in the church. Our events take us all involved to come to a realization. Our outreach programs affect the local community as we share the gospel in an open and inclusive way. that's why our motto is COME TO LEARN; LEAVE TO SERVE.

What buit there is more...

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